Moving to an Apartment Building

Moving out of a house is one thing, but moving to an apartment in a high rise building is another. Even just the thought of fitting your furniture inside an elevator and going up and down multiple times is already stressful. It could be the most challenging relocation and might cost you double compared to moving to a simple home.

How to move to a high rise building?

You probably got here wondering how to get through the whole ordeal. Well, here are some things you have to know first before moving into a high rise apartment. Being prepared will save you time and money, and from stress and conflicts.

Know the Building Rules and Regulations

Girl in the windowFirst on the list would be following the rules of the building management. Apartment buildings are usually crowded, and you may have sensitive neighbors. Sticking to the building rules will keep you on the safe side. As long as you abide by the regulations, you should be fine.

If there’s something in the rules and regulations that you don’t agree with, such as having pets, you should think twice about moving there.

Contact the Management

Notify the building administrator. You have to talk to the management and set a moving schedule, or you might get a fine for not doing so. Contacting them can be beneficial to you as well because they would usually arrange things for you and the building staff may lend a helping hand.

You should also reserve a parking space for the moving truck, preferably close to the freight elevator to make the unloading process faster.

Plan Your Space

High rise apartments usually have smaller space compared to a typical house, and you may not be able to fit all your stuff in there. You’ll have limited living space and no backyards at all, but you may get one with a balcony.

Your only solution is that you should only take the things you will need. You can also opt to have stackable furniture to enjoy more space. Having only the essential items will help you maintain a decluttered home.

Carefully pick the furniture you are going to move due to the limited space you have. You may want to stick to simple furniture rather than the over-sized and oddly-shaped once. Some people even prefer having sofa beds.

One way to handle excess items is to sell them; you could use the extra cash for the moving cost. When you finally decided which ones you are going to bring, it is ideal to plan where you would place them. Knowing the exact location for specific furniture would save time and energy; you can put them down directly where you want them. You may want to measure the space and your furniture to make sure that everything will fit well.

Look for an Apartment Mover

After preparing your stuff, you should search for moving companies. Check each of their services thoroughly and make sure that you pick one that is an expert apartment mover. This is very important because moving to a high rise building is not the same as moving to a simple house. There are rules and regulations you cannot just ignore.

Prepare your documents for the building management’s inspection. When you got all these planned out, your move should be smooth and easy. Of course, that will cost you extra.

Moving to a high rise building can be very stressful but with the mentioned tips, dealing with the moving will be easier. It is ideal to get help because this type of relocation is rather complicated than the usual since you will have limited space, restricted access, and strict regulations. Hiring, a professional mover, may sound like an extra cost but it will save you from bigger damages.

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